Rocks Off’s “20 Greatest Goth Albums”

Mask%20Oct10“Rocks Off”, who recently gave us their  “five most important years in Goth music” also have their 20 best Goth LPs.  I definitely agree with number one, plus a few others (but for the obligatory Cure LP why why always bloody Disintegration?  Pornography chaps, please!).

8. Bauhaus, “Mask” (Beggar’s Banquet, 1981)

Bauhaus answered the question of how they would follow “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” with an album that is consistently baffling but nowhere near as funereal as that landmark goth single. Instead Bauhaus’ fascination with roleplaying — and, to a lesser extent, reggae and dub — comes to the fore in a set of songs that can be catchy (“Kick In the Eye”) or spooky (“The Man With the X-Ray Eyes”), but are seldom dull. You’re on your own with the title track and the song that takes each member’s name as the title, though. CHRIS GRAY

via The 20 Greatest Goth Albums: The Complete List – Houston – Music – Rocks Off.

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