the Cure “Lovesong” video, Tim Pope recollects

urlMore oddness from director Tim Pope, this time around the Cure’s Lovesong video…

I reckon this was always a special song to Robert Smith, as he wrote it for his wife, Mary. Mary is the only woman to have appeared in a Cure video done by me. She’s in ‘Just Like Heaven’ (elsewhere on this site).

Don’t really know why we took the whole angle of the ‘cave of dicks’, though this must have been shortly after ‘Lullaby’ that had the other half of the puzzle in the nether regions department. Adele of course re-recorded the song – a lovely version it is, too. Have not seen the video, but can anyone tell if she did a repeat of the imagery here? ‘Oh well’, if she didn’t. Love the part where Smithy pinches Roger’s head and it’s shot like we’re seeing through Smithy’s eyes. Don’t you remember doing that when you were a kid? Squashing peoples’ heads?

more at: THE CURE ‘LOVESONG’ VIDEO – Tim Pope. Since 1822. Imagination Is What We Do.

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