The Cure, 1981 John Peel session streaming on the BBC website (in beautiful, digital high definition)

cure81Excellent news… especially for the seemingly hundreds of people interested in getting hold of high quality versions of the Cure’s early BBC Radio One sessions (for John Peel and Kid Jensen).

The Cure early BBC sessions bootleg (reviewed here) has some pretty good versions of many of the early sessions, but the BBC website currently has the Cure’s John Peel session from January 1981 in all it’s digital purity – a real treat.  I have no idea how long this is going to be around for.

Click here to hear the session: BBC – Music – The Cure.

Track listing

  • Forever
  • The Holy Hour
  • Cold Colours (early version of Primary)
  • All Cats Are Grey

Here is a really good quality version of the session from YouTube:

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