Jaz Coleman interview on “ancestral spirits & communion with the dead”

Jaz-066 cropMad as a hatter… I cannot wait for the autobiography!

The first thing is, in order for the whole thing, prayer to work and to be able to commune with your ancestors, you have to get into an emotional state, ’cause you read in the holy books about being able to cry before your Lord through sort of Love, it requires a kind of method acting where you got to think of like your loved ones, your children, or whatever like this and get into this emotional state and if you only had a few hours to see them one more time in your life what you’d say, and you get into this emotional state. Because unless you can shed tears, you cannot tap into communion with your — the Holy Spirit or one’s ancestors, or whatever you want to call it, right? The ancestral spirit.

And you know I’ve had numerous experiences with this. I did a series of articles on when prayers are answered, and my findings are interesting. The first thing we’ll start with is that when you desire something in life, it goes further away, and when you stop giving a fuck, if you’ll excuse my language, everything comes to you.

It seems to be the law of the universe, well this along with mantra. Mantra is, if you’re a Christian for example,  the first thing you do is make yourself clean by anything that’s on your mind you got to feel good about anything you talk about in the presence of God. And then mantra that’s very, very important if you’re a Christian if that’s your belief, there is the mantra of “Today you shall be in paradise with me…” and imagining the garden of Eden while you’re doing it.

Read much, much more at Cry Before Your Lord – Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke on Ancestral Spirits & Communion with the Dead | Reality Sandwich.

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