Gary Numan – five CD box set announced

numanFollowing on from Love & Rockets five CD box set, Gary Numan gets the same treatment:

Drawing on his later tenure at Beggars Banquet, this set covers the albums recorded between 1981 and 1983. In 1981, Numan announced his retirement from live performance, playing three farewell concerts at Wembley Arena just prior to the release of Dance. His retirement proved short-lived, but when he returned in 1982 with I, Assassin, some of his popularity had dissipated — perhaps because of the retirement announcement, perhaps because the charts were overflowing with synth pop, much of which was already expanding on Numan’s early innovations. I, Assassin was another Top Ten album, and “We Take Mystery (To Bed)” another hit, but in general Numan’s singles were starting to slip on the charts; the title track of 1983’s Warriors became his last British Top Ten hit.

The CDs are:

  1. Living Ornaments ’81 part 1
  2. Living Ornaments ’81 part 2
  3. Dance
  4. I, Assassin
  5. Warriors

via Beggars Archive.

CD 1: Living Ornaments ’81 Part One
1. “Intro / This Wreckage”
2. “Remind Me To Smile”
3. “Metal”
4. “Me, I Disconnect From You”
5. “Complex”
6. “The Aircrash Bureau”
7. “Airlane”
8. “M.E.”
9. “Everyday I Die”
10. “Films”
11. “Remember I Was Vapour”
12. “Trois Gymnopedies (First Movement)”
13. “Conversation”

CD 2: Living Ornaments ’81 Part Two
1. “She’s Got Claws”
2. “Cars”
3. “I Dream Of Wires”
4. “I’m An Agent”
5. “The Joy Circuit”
6. “I Die: You Die”
7. “Cry The Clock Said”
8. “Tracks”
9. “Down In The Park”
10. “My Shadow In Vain”
11. “Please Push No More”
12. “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?”
13. “We Are Glass / Outro”

CD 3: Dance
1. “Slowcar To China”
2. “Night Talk”
3. “A Subway Called ‘You’”
4. “Cry The Clock Said”
5. “She’s Got Claws”
6. “Crash”
7. “Boys Like Me”
8. “Stories”
9. “My Brother’s Time”
10. “You Are, You Are”
11. “Moral”
Bonus tracks:
12. “Stormtrooper In Drag”
13. “Face To Face”
14. “Dance”
15. “Exhibition”
16. “I Sing Rain”

CD 4: I, Assassin
1. “White Boys And Heroes”
2. “War Songs”
3. “A Dream Of Siam”
4. “Music For Chameleons”
5. “This Is My House”
6. “I, Assassin”
7. “The 1930’s Rust”
8. “We Take Mystery (To Bed)”
Bonus tracks:
9. “War Games”
10. “Glitter And Ash”
11. “The Image Is”
12. “This House Is Cold”
13. “Noise Noise”
14. “We Take Mystery (To Bed)” (Early Version)
15. “Bridge? What Bridge?”

CD 5: Warriors
1. “Warriors”
2. “I Am Render”
3. “The Iceman Comes”
4. “This Prison Moon”
5. “My Centurion”
6. “Sister Surprise”
7. “The Tick Tock Man”
8. “Love Is Like Clock Law”
9. “The Rhythm Of The Evening”
Bonus tracks:
10. “Poetry And Power”
11. “My Car Slides (1)”
12. “My Car Slides (2)”
13. “Nameless And Forgotten (Gangster Strut)”
14. “Sister Surprise” (Single Mix)
15. “Warriors” (Full Length Version)

4 thoughts on “Gary Numan – five CD box set announced

    1. Absolutely agree. BB must have raided the bank with the excellent “Plan” CD, but there must be more. It’s good for me as I bought all of those really weird GN “2 LPs on 1 CD” when they came out many, many years ago – bad pressings and missing tracks so I will be buying this lot.

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