Sisters of Mercy, “Wake” live at the Royal Albert Hall (plus encores), 18 June 1985 (YouTube, 58 mins)

The Sisters of Mercy classic denouement – their final gig from the Royal Albert Hall, originally released as the live video “Wake: choruses from under the rock”.  Here is a great transfer from the original VHS, and below are Gimme Shelter and Train – audience recordings of the two encores which didn’t make video as, apparently, they weren’t recorded.

Gimme Shelter


Track listing:

  1. 00:09 – First and Last and Always
  2. 04:27 -Body and Soul
  3. 08:03 -Marian
  4. 13:05 -No Time to Cry
  5. 16:59 -Walk Away
  6. 20:40 -Possession
  7. 25:16 -Emma
  8. 31:35 -Amphetamine Logic
  9. 35:47 -A Rock and a Hard Place
  10. 39:17 -Floorshow
  11. 43:10 -Alice
  12. 47:21 -Fix
  13. 50:22 -Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
  14. Gimme Shelter
  15. Train

4 thoughts on “Sisters of Mercy, “Wake” live at the Royal Albert Hall (plus encores), 18 June 1985 (YouTube, 58 mins)

  1. Hi!
    A year has gone since the post above was written.

    As a owner of the Wake VHS I have been little worry about losing that jewel becase of senescent of the media. And yesterday I found Wake both on Piratbay and Youtube. And now I found Wake here.

    Best sound has, with out doubt, the one on Piratebay. But the picture resolution is quite low. In that aspect it looks like the VHS.

    The version on Youtube seems to have better resolution 720p. If it is interpolated to that resolution or if the orginal master has that or better resolution is the question. And it is remastered to 16:9 proportions.

    I’m not totaly satisfactored yet. I wan’t the perfect sound from the Piratebay version and the best possible picture quality, but not a cut 16:9 version. Anyone has a clue if there are such a jewel and were to found it?

    1. Welcome Magnus,

      excellent question. I have two copies on VHS – the original and a reissue on 4play, but when I rip them the picture is no better than above (although the stereo audio track is excellent). What about the Laserdisc that was erleased? That should provide a far better transfer. I found a Laserdisc rip on YT:

      I will keep my easrs open for any news – and if you find a definitive version please let me know.



  2. Hi again.

    I don’t want do argue with you just for the arguing or behave offensive or unpolished but: Have you heard the Piratebay version? In my ears, then I listening through my computer with not that expensive speakers and subwofer, the Piratebay version sound much clearer than the version you have here. The Piratebay version has both clearer bass and treble.

    I also found a laserdisc rip but the resolution was 560×416. I think that’s the same as on old VHS and TV:s.

    It’s much possible that the ultimate Wake is not to be found.

    1. Hi Magnus – not suggesting this one sounds any better – just that a Laserdisc may be the ultimate source until (if?) an official version version surfaces. Maybe I need to invest on a LD player?!

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