Director Tim Pope updates us on the Cure Project

tim popeTim Pope updates us on the Cure Project.

So, I just spent a few pre- South America days with The Cure and we filmed everything. Rehearsals and everything. They sounded really great and I think Reeves Gabrels is a really good bonus for the band. Boy, they are playing together tighter than a cat’s arse. It would be foolish of me to release details of the set – anyway, by this time next week we shall be on to our second concert in São Paulo when all shall be revealed. Robert has announced that the set will be a good three and a half hours long, which means that by the time I get back to the UK at the end of April I will have spent well over 24 hours filming the band playing live.

And that is not counting the documentary footage that we shall be shooting in addition. My Pope-eyed cameras will have access to everything: backstage, on the coaches, at the late night parties. People are going to get a really great glimpse of what it’s like to hang out with the band and the ways that things come together for them creatively and musically with RS at the helm. Well, most of all, the last time I really got to hang out with the band was 1997 and this is a lovely way for us to all become reacquainted. After all, they are some of my most longstanding “muckers” in the biz and that’s a beautiful thing.

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