Killing Joke, live in Corby

jaz corbyGood review of Killing Joke’s warm-up gig in  Corby.

OK, it’s a warm up, and there were a couple of rough edges – cue furious looks from Coleman the conductor – but the band gave everything they had and left it all out on the stage, to borrow a football cliché. But tonight didn’t need to be polished; it was close, personal and so much the better for it.

Highlights? An unexpected return to the ‘Extremities, Dirt and Various Repressed Emotions’ album for ‘Money Is Not Our God’ and – even more surprisingly – ‘Beautiful Dead’ stood out. ‘Tension’ and ‘Follow The Leaders’ benefited from the controlled percussive brutalism of Big Paul Ferguson and even ‘Love Like Blood’ seems to work better than ever, now invested with the passion of remembering friends and family who are no longer here.

READ IT ALL HERE: Killing Joke: Corby – live review.

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