Grinderman reform for one-off Coachella gig

grinderman kit

I didn’t hear about this until it was too late – the excellent Grinderman reforming for a one-off (two-off?) gig at Coachella (at which Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds also perform).  Grinderman’s Facebook page reports:

Getting ready for tonight’s Grinderman show at Coachella.

Watch the live video webcast tonight at 10.10pm PDT at:

The broadcast time turns out to be about nothing o’clock in UK time, and, a bit like the Cave gig streamed recently (also on YouTube), the final recordings do not make it long-term to YouTube (but they did surface elsewhere).  What the bloody hell  is that all about?


2 thoughts on “Grinderman reform for one-off Coachella gig

    1. Well, it seems that the NB&TBS set was also streamed on Sunday (14th April), Nick Cave’s Facebook page said “Watch Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ live streamed show from Coachella tonight at 8.45pm PDT.“. I reckon if the Grinderman set is streamed, it will be there. Also, you could just message them on Facebook!

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