Daniel Ash (Bauhaus), to host all-inclusive, $2,000-a-person weekend in Las Vegas

daniel ashGot $2K?  Thought not.

Daniel Ash (Bauhaus),  to host all-inclusive, $2,000-a-person weekend in Las Vegas

Peter Murphy may be hitting the road this spring with an all-Bauhaus show, but his former bandmate Daniel Ash is offering fans a far more rare and intimate — albeit considerably more pricey — experience in the form of “Truth Be Told,” an all-inclusive Las Vegas weekend of music, dining and conversation this May that will set fans back at least $2,000.

For that price, though, fans will receive luxury hotel accommodations for the May 2-4 event, transportation, several parties and dining experiences with Ash, a “private Q&A session” and the main attraction: a private concert in a Las Vegas mansion, at which Ash will perform material from Bauhaus, Tones on Tail and Love and Rockets, as well as his solo career, with a three-piece band.

Tickets for “Truth Be Told with Daniel Ash” — put on by Inside the Music, which promoted Murphy’s similar but twice-the-price “Miracula Sessions” last year — will be sold through a silent auction that runs online from March 6 through April 17; bidding begins at $2,000 (and does not include airfare), and the 30 highest bidders above that amount will receive tickets to the event.

Fans who can’t or aren’t willing to pony up that much do have an option, though: The event’s promoters are raffling off a single pair of tickets plus lodging and $500 toward airfare to Las Vegas. To enter, fans can buy $65 raffle tickets from March 6 through April 17 on Inside the Music’s website.

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2 thoughts on “Daniel Ash (Bauhaus), to host all-inclusive, $2,000-a-person weekend in Las Vegas

  1. First Murphy, now Ash. Are these Bauhaus types competing for the biggest share of the hipster market or something? I saw them 30 years ago at Liverpool Uni. when Thatcherism was in its first phase, though I went for the Southern Death Cult, who were supporting. Now they’re making themselves a small pension fund out of fleecing her descendents. Screw the bastards for all you can get, I say! C’mon, neo-yuppie scum, pucker up and……SSSSSuck Satan’s Cock!!!

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