Killing Joke, a drummer’s top ten

jaz tubeThis is cool – Killing Joke’s 10 best drumming songs.  Seems to be missing a great big fat chunk of “tension” and “birds of a feather” to me.

What are the best ten Killing Joke songs? It is subjects like this – alongside cat photos and unprovable conspiracy theories – that the internet was made for. Of course in the matter of Killing Joke there can be no definitive list, crammed as their harlequin history is with so many moments of epic inspiration, brutality and hairpin turns of direction. However, nothing is guaranteed to provoke more dispute and indignation than a personal top ten, so here is mine, based purely on drum excellence.

1 Unspeakable (1981)

The drums, which thunder out like a herd of brachiosaurs in rutting season, trampled my teenaged mind and left me destined to follow the drummer’s path myself, which has had its good and bad points down the years. Still, minor tinnitus and long-term poverty are small prices to pay for this slice of definitive KJ on all engines, a perfect slab of malevolent noise in every aspect. There’s the evil keyboard drone that introduces it, Geordie’s massive wall-of-noise guitar, Youth’s sinuous bass-line bubbling beneath and Jaz intoning a deadpan stream-of-consciousness banalities and making them sound like an incantation to invoke the end of the world. And yes, those incredible drums. Thank you Big Paul Ferguson.

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