Killing Joke, live from Lorely, 17 August 1985 (one hour, Youtube)


An hour’s edit of Killing Joke’sno way out but forward go!” video (missing “Good Samaritan” and the two bonus tracks).

This is live from a festival in Lorely on 17 August 1985 – they’re playing in the middle of the day – bright sunshine!

Great sound.

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Killing Joke “The Singles Collection 1979-2012”, Drowned In Sound review

kj singles largeDrowned In Sound review of the forthcoming Killing Joke singles compilation – 9/10.

Formed in London just as the first wave of punk was breathing its last breath, Killing Joke may have practiced in The Clash’s old rehearsal space by the Westway but that’s about as much as they had in common. More experimental than the majority of their peers – the likes of Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle and Fad Gadget would also be concocting visionary new sounds of their own around the same time – debut EP Turn To Red fused together elements of punk, funk and dub reggae across its three musical offerings. Already distinctive soundwise and potentially light years ahead of the meandering major label new wave acts clogging up the airwaves, the four-piece of Coleman, Kevin ‘Geordie’ Walker, Martin ‘Youth’ Glover and Paul Ferguson found a welcome ally in alternative radio legend John Peel. And the rest – as they say – is history.

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“Eccentric Sleeve Notes” post-punk fanzine (Newcastle,1981-1984), eight issues available online

ESNI came across the rather excellent “Eccentric Sleeve Notes” the other day.  It was a Newcastle fanzine running from 1981 – 1984 and, although it served a wide range of music the post-punk scene is represented well containing interviews with The Cure, Echo & The Bunnymen, Gang of Four, Southern Death Cult, Sex Gang Children, Spear of Destiny, New Model Army and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry amongst others.

Eccentric Sleeve Notes (ESN) was a fanzine published in Newcastle Upon Tyne from 1981 to 1984. Original issues can be viewed by clicking on the covers below. Recent interviews and archive images are on the right hand menu (scroll to end to join Mailing List).

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