Network Awesome, Women of Punk

siouxsie1The video in my recent post: Siouxsie and the Banshees home-made documentary is curated by Network Awesome, and I like their philosophy:

Broadcast TV has changed for the worse and isn’t getting any better – we offer something different. Network Awesome mines the resources of YouTube to bring you treasures vast and plentiful, packaged and gift-wrapped in an easier-to-watch format.  Unlike regular TV, this will not melt your brain. Instead, it causes you to re-think what TV can and should offer you.

They have a great collection called Women Of Punk.

30 shows containing almost 400 video clips exploring the role women have played in Punk music from the 70’s to today, with rare interviews and concerts, videos, documentaries and feature films.

  • LIVE MUSIC SHOW – THE WOMEN OF PUNK (1) – The gamut of emotion and sophistication: interesting documents of a familiar time and sweaty concerts that you don’t have to wait in line for the bathroom.
  • L7 – THE BEAUTY PROCESS – A tongue-in-cheek pseudo-documentary, with actual concert footage, of L7’s trials and travails being a punk-like band in a pop-like marketplace.
  • DOC – THE RUNAWAYS – “there was combustion and out of five different versions of that group came the five girls who were the ones that people liked…”
  • DOC – THE SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES STORY – inspirational in the creation and development of gothic rock and their music also combined elements of pop and avant-garde.
  • LIVE MUSIC SHOW – THE WOMEN OF PUNK (2) – The Slits, Penetration, Sexsick, Kleenex, Kas Product, Neo Boys, Castration Squad and others
  • DOC – WHO IS POLY STYRENE? – BBC documentary on Poly Styrene, front woman for the band X-Ray Spex
  • TALK SHOW – PUNK WOMEN – The pillars of female punk sit down and talk
  • THE PUNK WOMEN OF G.L.O.W – Let’s revel in the evil side of female wrestling…
  • RED AUNTS – SALTBOX – 1995 promo video for Red Aunts’ “Saltbox” album
  • COLLECTION – 77 MINUTES WITH KATE BUSH – Musician, producer, dancer, visual artist and businesswoman. Punk beyond punk.
  • LIVE MUSIC SHOW – THE WOMEN OF PUNK (3) – Mo-Dettes, Model Citizens, Blondie, Delta 5, Sonic Youth, Bikini Kill, Pandoras, Nina Hagen and more!
  • THE BAGS – LIVE IN HOLLYWOOD 1978 – Legendary LA punk band The Bags rip it up in Hollywood, 1978
  • DOC – COUP D´ETAT: RE-SOCIALIZING GENDER ROLES – Produced & Directed by T. Khyentse James, 2008
  • LIVE SHOW – WOMEN OF PUNK (2000-PRESENT) – Cobra Killer, Finally Punk, Erase Errata, All Girl Summer Fun Band, Mika Miko, Vivian Girls, The Need, Bleach03, New Bloods, Tracy and the Plastics, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s
  • LIVE MUSIC SHOW – THE WOMEN OF PUNK (4) – Part 4 of a three part series
  • COLLECTION: GUDRUN GUT & MALARIA – founding member of Mania D, Malaria! and Matador. She is the head of the labels Monika Enterprise and Moabit Musik.
  • COLLECTION: A BRIEF HISTORY OF PEACHES – A look at the carear of a remarkable performer and personality.
  • COLLECTION – VIVIENNE WESTWOOD – Fashion iconoclast Vivienne Westwood is largely responsible for bringing “punk fashion” to the mainstream
  • LIVE MUSIC SHOW – THE WOMEN OF PUNK (5) – Part 5 of a 3 part series
  • DOC – BLONDIE – I really wanted to go out with you, so when you smiled, I laid my heart on the line.
  • PATTI SMITH LIVE – ROCKPALAST 1979 – April 22, 1979 special on Patti Smith Group filmed on German Tv’s “Rockpalast” show. All 13 songs in glorious color.

via Network Awesome – Women Of Punk.

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