Long, and frank, Gary Numan interview

numan blueGood Gary Numan interview, but most of his interviews are a pretty good read…

I wanted to find out more about the dramatic change Gary took in the middle of his career. I wanted to know what caused the clean, slick android of the late 70s to don the leather and break out into loud, industrial metal.

“It actually came from a very dark place for me. I made an album in ’92 called ‘Machine And Soul”, which was the biggest piece of s**t I have ever made!”

I laughed at his honesty but when he kept quiet and continued to talk, I realised that this was no joke. Gary Numan had real animosity towards that period of his career.

“It coincided with a really s**t time in my life. I had massive debt problems; my career was down the toilet. I couldn’t even give tickets away; no one was interested at all. And musically I was going nowhere, so in ’92 it felt like my career was finished. But I didn’t have a record deal, so I decided to start it again as a hobby because my intentions for the last 10 years previously to that were to always try and keep the career moving and try and pick it back up again. It was always about trying to get commercial success and keep my A&R people happy, and I just lost my way really badly.”

“So I made ‘Machine And Soul’, which I knew was dreadful, and gave up effectively. I thought “I’m never going to get another deal again” so instead of trying to make people happy and listen to these people telling me what I should and shouldn’t be doing, I’m just going to do what I want.”


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