“The Crassical Collection” – excellent Crass retrospective

stations of the crassI really like Crass, and this retrospective from Isolation Records is excellent.  Here’s the review for my personal favourite…

Stations Of The Crass

Crass’s second album was a double vinyl disc affair – three sides of studio recordings and a live side. The Crassical Collection re-issue doesn’t include the live side although the original CD did and is still available for mp3 download from Amazon as of 2012 if you’re a completest. You’ll probably only listen to the live stuff once but the main body of Stations is widely regarded as Crass’s most consistent album.

It had a slightly better production (from here on in they released everything on the Crass Records label to save Small Wonder any more hassle from the law) and although the full-throttle aural assault was still present and correct the band varied the music more with poetry, audio collages and even a tongue in cheek excursion to disco for one song! Crass were the masters of call-and-response chants (“War in the bedroom, bodies in the fridge, domestic violence is the tomb you dig – HEARD TOO MUCH ABOUT”, “I know it’s not a thing that man would do BUT YOU GET THE SAME RUSH BY JUMPING A BUS QUEUE” and “Upright citizen – PENTHOUSE SUBSCRIBER”.

The subject matter is much the same as on Feeding Of The 5,000 but their humour is often overlooked (‘White Punks On Hope’, ‘Chairman Of The Bored’). The re-issue’s extra tracks are the John Peel Session from 28th March 1979 and are really good quality.

READ THE REST HERE >>> The Crassical Collection.

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