Tim Pope is home…

cf85166c596460e5Tim Pope is back from his South American jaunt with the Cure

How lovely to be home again and to hear the peaceful sounds of the English countryside after my mad adventure with The Cure in South America. What an adventure it was, though. Amazing concerts; the warmth of the fans; the different towns. Oh, did I mention the police escorts everywhere? My favourite one for sheer freneticism and exuberance was perhaps Asunción, Paraguay. Though Mexico might be a close second. The bikes seemed to dart in between our vans like dragonflies, missing our vehicles by millimetres. Anyway, we lived to tell the tale.

Like I say, I thought The Cure were on top form and Robert’s voice just seems to get better and stronger. The part where he sings “again and again” in ‘A Forest’ gets me every time. It’s like a whack to the plate of the chest. I would try and synchronise the movement of my camera crane to fit his vocal, getting it to pull away in a whoosh. Sometimes it worked, sometimes less so. We filmed 8 concerts and it was pretty difficult sometimes because of my lack of Spanish/Portugese. We caught the essence of the concerts, despite this.

They’re all there currently in some digital limbo land, ready and ripe for me to spend quite some time reaping them and manipulating them into a whole. Over a hundred hours of concert footage alone. Can’t wait to get started. And we also shot loads of extra footage: the fans talking about their passion for the music, the 5.9 earthquake in Mexico City, the sound checks and rehearsals, ‘with the band’ on their trips to and from the shows.

So far I don’t even dare to think about how much good material we do have. Just what the fans wanted to see, it will be. I do not know at all how long it will take to put together. Watch this space for updates and I do appreciate that people are very interested to see what we shot, but PLEASE BE PATIENT and I can assure you there will be something… eventually.

via HOME AGAIN; CAN’T WAIT – Tim Pope.

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