Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds live on KCRW (44 minutes, streamed)


44 excellent minutes of Nick Cave live on KCRW radio.

Nick Cave can do whatever he wants.

His dark menacing persona and gorgeously sinister baritone have made him untouchable – on pretty much every level — over many years in the music business. But even though he can do whatever he wants, he continues to make great records (this year’s “Push The Sky Away” is excellent), always looks incredibly dapper, and never takes his audience for granted.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds performed a show for a rapt audience of super fans and thrilled observers as part of KCRW’s Apogee Sessions series last night and it was truly one-of-a-kind. He started the show by soliciting requests. After a barrage of responses, he responded with “we can play all that (pause) but we’re not going to”.

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Live on KCRW

listen here:

  1. Higgs Boson Blues
  2. Far From Me
  3. Stranger Than Kindness
  4. The Mercy Seat
  5. Wide Lovely Eyes (1/2 song)
  6. No More Shall We Part
  7. Wide Lovely Eyes
  8. Breathless (Few bars only)
  9. Mermaids
  10. God Is In The House
  11. Into My Arms
  12. People Ain’t No Good
  13. Push The Sky Away
  14. Jack The Ripper

Read the rest of this blog entry, and see more excellent photos, here >>> Photos: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Live on KCRW | KCRW Music Blog

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