Nick Cave & the Bad Seed, “Push the Sky Away” deluxe edition has arrived

2013-06-30 20.03.27When Nick Cave announced that there would be a deluxe edition of Push the Sky Away (his/their excellent recent LP) how could mortal man resist?

The beastie arrived this week and it is impressive.  The centre-piece is a stunning journal containing Cave’s work in progress notes for the LP.  The pages are as near to as they were in the original so many of the inserts and stickers are attached separately.  There are two 7″ singles, the LP, the CD and a DVD.  I will report back when I’ve had a look & listen, but for now here are some photos…

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Japan biography, “a Foreign Place”, is looking for funding on Kickstarter

japan polaroidsI have pledged for this because I think this will be a cracking read.  Anthony Reynolds is looking for funding on Kickstarter for his proposed Japan biography – ‘A Foreign Place’.  Below is a link to some of his current writing, but, from the horse’s mouth:  

A long overdue biography of my favourite band – Japan. I’ve been a fan of Japan and all the solo work that entails, since I was a teenager.  I’m as obsessed with the music today as I was back in the 80’s.  (The internet has no doubt helped).

I’ve had three biographies published so far. I have already interviewed Sylvian, Karn, Dean and Barbieri for my website and for an article on the seminal ‘Polaroids’ album.  If I could afford to, I’d write this book for fun.  But part of how I make my living is by writing biographies.

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Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds streaming live from Glastonbury on Sunday 30th June

Nick-Cave-And-the-Bad-See-010Update – the full Nick Cave (70 minutes) show is currently streaming on the BBC website – not sure for how long though!

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds show from Glastonbury will be shown live online on Sunday at

Also listen out on BBC 6 Music from 8pm on Sunday, BBC2’s show on Sunday from 10pm and on Red Button/On Demand.

That is all.

Dark Circle Room update

som logo origDark Circle Room is a fantastic resource.  It is a treasure trove of goth, post-punk and new wave – bootlegs, demos, TV appearances, sessions – whatever.  It has so much Sisters material that it has to break its listings down by year.

Even though the site doesn’t link to any “official” recordings, it is the subject of repeated legal takedowns.

Get a fucking grip people – DCR is a critical resource documenting a significant period in music, in immense detail – they should be given a medal and free bandwidth.

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Mike Coles video interview about the cover for the Killing Joke Singles Collection

chaosMike Coles is synonymous with Killing Joke, – he has produced undoubtedly their finest artwork, right from their debut.  

This is evident from the image to the left, of the packaging from Chaos for Breakfast – the early singles collection.

Below, Mike speaks to Spinefarm about the cover for the Killing Joke Singles Collection, and identifies the person on the cover of Follow the Leaedr and What’s THIS For…! (and check out this post identifying the building used on the cover of What’s THIS For…!)

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New Pixies track, “Bagboy” – their first for nine years

pixies logoAfter nine years the Pixies release a new single… is it any good?  Find out for yourself – the video is below – but note…

…this marks possibly the last song that bassist Kim Deal will appear on as, earlier this month, Deal announced she that was leaving the band.

She will continue to work with her other band, The Breeders.
“We are sad to say that Kim Deal has decided to leave the Pixies,” her bandmates Black Francis, Joey Santiago and David Lovering said in a statement released at the time. “We are very proud to have worked with her on and off over the last 25 years. Despite her decision to move on, we will always consider her a member of the Pixies, and her place will always be here for her. We wish her all the best.”

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