Inca Babies photo gallery

inca babies goboInca Babies photos via Gobo Glasgow, via Facebook.

The Inca Babies have had an hugely successful career and as life always does, has thrown them ups and downs which they have worked through and kept the essence of the band strong, well and very much alive!

The Inca babies are widely loved and have focused their sound on an American perspective keeping it trashy and wildly punkie, On hearing them for the first time, I was impressed by their cross over sound and I could hear elements of Rock and roll, Psycho-billy, Rockabilly and Punk, infused into a melting pot of directionally steered cord structures that gives it that Inca babies touch.


Harry Stafford lead Vocalist/Guitarist was exceptional with his captivating voice as he got his freaky groove on, dive bombing across the stage smashing out his awesome guitar sound and keeping us happy with his quirky lyrics and atmospheric sound, Bassist Vince Hunt Was playing so hard he busted his guitar string and rocked out simultaneously with the groove of Harry, The exceptional drumming skills Of Rob Haynes was highly skilled and impressive, it was hard to contain myself during their set as I ended up busting loose and popping some moves to their addictive beat.

read more and see the photos here: Inca Babies : Itsaxxxxthing Presents.

2 thoughts on “Inca Babies photo gallery

  1. Hi There, Hanny? Thanks for your fulsome praise. How would I go about buying a copy of the above photo, possibly for some Artwork for a release (full credits for photographer etc.)
    We had a truly great time in Glasgow and hopefully we’ll be back real soon.
    Thanks, Harry S (Incas)

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