Joy Division-inspired video game called… “Will Love Tear Us Apart” (geddit?)

JOY-DIVISION-OVEN-GLOVESYou seem to have to install some bloatware to get this going, and I just can’t be bothered… If you do, please let me know what it was like.  (If they had tried a bit harder on the name, I may have bothered.)

Though the tragic death of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis cut the band’s career woefully short, the legacy of the group who pioneered the ‘70s post-punk movement lives on through countless reproductions in clothing, art and music. Now, from Mighty Box Games—an independent Maltese game company—comes, what else? A videogame inspired by the brooding rockers titled Will Love Tear Us Apart.

Thinking of Joy Division’s signature depressing and gloomy songs, the game already sounds like a downer, but then, what did you expect? To have fun? The game explores a relationship on the brink of a breakup. Responding to an eerie partner, the player is encouraged to reflect “on the darker side of love: miscommunication, emotional impasse and the sadness of separation.”

Videogame creator Gordon Calleja said he questioned how he would adapt the song into game form, but eventually ended up designing each verse as a different level. The player examines different evironments, until reaching the point of “com[ing] to terms with the reality of an irreconcilable relationship.”

READ MORE HERE >>> Mighty Box Games Creates Joy Division-Inspired Videogame :: Games :: News :: Paste.

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