“The Cure in Orange” (1987) – in full on Youtube… until it gets pulled again!

Still the best thing on VHS from the Cure… And still not available on DVD.  What a track list:

  1. Intro: The Glove, “Relax”
  2. Shake Dog Shake
  3. Piggy in the Mirror
  4. Play for Today
  5. A Strange Day
  6. Primary
  7. Kyoto Song
  8. Charlotte Sometimes
  9. Inbetween Days
  10. The Walk
  11. A Night Like This
  12. Push
  13. One Hundred Years
  14. A Forest
  15. Sinking
  16. Close to Me
  17. Let’s Go to Bed
  18. Six Different Ways
  19. Three Imaginary Boys
  20. Boys Don’t Cry
  21. Faith
  22. Give Me It
  23. 10:15 Saturday Night
  24. killing an Arab
  25. Outro: The Chiffons, “Sweet Talking Guy

via Vintage Video: ‘The Cure in Orange’ — watch out-of-print 1987 concert film in full — slicing up eyeballs // 80s alternative music, college rock, indie.

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