Love and Rockets, live Kentish Town & Country Club, London, 15 October 1987 (70 mins, Youtube)

It is in glorious shakey-cam, but you don’t see too much Love & Rockets live, especially not a complete show.

Setlist: Love and Rockets, Town & Country Club, London, UK, 10/15/87

  1. Mirror People
  2. Inside The Outside
  3. No New Tale To Tell
  4. Welcome Tomorrow
  5. Rain Bird
  6. Haunted When The Minutes Drag
  7. The Light
  8. Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven
  9. Love Me
  10. It Could Be Sunshine
  11. Kundalini Express
  12. Yin And Yang (The Flowerpot Man)
  13. Ball of Confusion
  14. Lazy

via Vintage Video: Love and Rockets in London, 1987 — watch full 70-minute concert — slicing up eyeballs // 80s alternative music, college rock, indie.

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