Dark Circle Room update

som logo origDark Circle Room is a fantastic resource.  It is a treasure trove of goth, post-punk and new wave – bootlegs, demos, TV appearances, sessions – whatever.  It has so much Sisters material that it has to break its listings down by year.

Even though the site doesn’t link to any “official” recordings, it is the subject of repeated legal takedowns.

Get a fucking grip people – DCR is a critical resource documenting a significant period in music, in immense detail – they should be given a medal and free bandwidth.

Last week the DCR blog was closed down, and they posted the following on Facebook:

Hi everybody, as some of you already noticed the blog is not there anymore. It was reported too many times so blogger deleted it.

At this time I still don’t know if I’ll put it online again. I have all the contents until last week saved, so it’s easy to clone it to other adress, but… Maybe this a good time to stop and start putting my energy in other stuff.

For now DCR it’s done, if there’s any news, I’ll post it here.  Stay well and keep enjoying good music!

But good news, it’s back:

Yesterday night I activated the backup blog, so there’s no new posts there, but you can get what was on the old blog, minus the last couple of weeks. it’s the  darkcircleroom3.blogspot.com. Also the foolstrashcan blog it’s also still up.

I would recommend that you take advantage of it – click here for a list of all posts including links to DCR.  Obviously the links don’t work on these posts, but if you change “darkcircleroom2.blogspot.co.uk” to “darkcircleroom3.blogspot.co.uk” most/some of the links  do work.

Keep up the good work guys.

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