Bauhaus, “Burning From The Inside” – 30 years on

bauhaus burningExcellent article from the Quietus…

The thing about Burning From The Inside, turning thirty years old this month, is that there is no one thing — it’s an album title that lives up to itself, a sound of a tight unit fragmenting, where the centre stopped holding. One factor was uncontrollable: Murphy ended up suffering a bout of pneumonia that required extensive care at the time of the album’s recording, meaning both his performances and overall input were drastically reduced. The impact played out in various ways: the album’s lead-off track and one single, ‘She’s In Parties’, is disruptive enough to start with, Daniel Ash’s guitar playing one of his darkest, extreme blasts and smears, violent and queasily choppy. But the promotional video for the song tries to present the band as a unit even while Murphy gets in plenty of the glamour shots while the rest of the group sometimes literally stand around doing nothing.


At one point the camera cuts away to show David J, Ash and Kevin Haskins doing a kind of kid’s game in the background. It all may be thoroughly intentional, but it’s hard not to read things as shifting rapidly. Before the album had even been released, the group made the decision to break-up following two last London shows a few weeks beforehand, leaving Burning behind as one last full-length sprawl of sound as an unintentional shroud.

But at the same time it’s such a compelling sprawl at its best, a case for fragmentation as beauty, where an alternate band path where the group never broke up would have it seen more as a new, rich chapter in an already varied act’s still unfolding history, taking the sense of multiple impulses that had played out on earlier full-lengths and singles and finding even more directions to explore. J’s particular fascination with the doom-heavy crawl of classic Jamaican dub production from the seventies was always evident from the start of the band — there’s a reason why ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ could have been one hell of a King Tubby production, going further in the course of ten minutes what the Clash never quite achieved throughout their own existence. The world of film and that powerful, fluid but anchoring bass recombine again on ‘She’s In Parties’, the lyrics serving an extended cinematic metaphor rather than a specific tribute, with the extended coda playing with every trick in the book — backwards guitar, melodica, deep as hell echo, fragmented snippets of singing. It’s no rewrite, but its own vibrant, darkly playful construction. It also helps underscore the no-less-compelling work of Haskins as a drummer, as keen to rework his straightforward performances through production as to blast away, a further indication of how involved he was in the overall sound and composition as much as the rest of the band.

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One thought on “Bauhaus, “Burning From The Inside” – 30 years on

  1. This album was a musicalpatchup doll made up of music that had been lying around for a while..whereas some of the other material on offer is basically solo material shoved on the album as filler(who killed mr moonlight is a David J solo track if there ever was one!)put on the record to show a certain mr murphy that he could do lead vocals as the same case with slice of life(Tones On Tail track in reality)hence the reason tones played this track live on their tour the following year…but in all a great album, but not their best work. (mask 81)

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