Peter Murphy, live at the O2 Academy, London, 19 June 2013

19Many thanks to fellow Bauhaus addict Alannah Murphy for getting in touch… here is part of her review of Peter Murphy’s show from the Academy in London – click here to read the rest on her blog “In the Night”.

After Double Dare, came not one, but two Bauhaus classics back to back, the darkly intense In the Flat Field and the iconic God in an Alcove, both had the audience going wild, with the front of the stage becoming chaotic, making me glad I was upstairs, where I had an excellent view of not only the stage but the audience.

One thing I must mention, was the lack of a decent quality mike stand for Peter, who had to deal with a shoddy one which kept falling apart.  You’d think a venue like the O2 Academy, would’ve provided their headlining act with a good quality stand.  Peter, as ever the professional, still managed to do an outstanding gig  in spite of this, but I certainly understood his frustration whenever he threw said mike stand towards the back.

After God in an Alcove, we heard Boys,  another rarity I never thought I’d hear live, with Peter carrying a portable light which he held close to the other band member’s faces and then to his own face. This quirky lighting trick really added to the performance, and reminded me that Bauhaus were pioneers at utilising the effects of sparse lighting to give their live performances additional depth.

Silent Hedges followed next, and when the dancing beat of Kick in the Eye was heard, the audience loved it.  Afterwards, came the first of two non-Bauhaus tracks during the set, with Peter playing guitar, for a beautiful rendition of A Strange Kind of Love, one of my favourite solo songs from his Love Hysteria album.

Then came the legendary Bela Lugosi’s Dead, sounding as good as the original Bauhaus, with Mark’s atmospheric guitar playing giving the song its well-known otherworldly feel.

As mentioned earlier, the lighting during the show was excellent, with changes for every song. When a reddish glow bathed the stage, my mind recalled the iconic 1982 Old Vic theatre performance of The Passion of Lovers, featured in Bauhaus’  Shadow of Light/Archive DVD compilation, and I was correct in my assumption.  In spite of the fact I’d seen Peter perform Lovers in Paris a few years go, it was still one of my favourite moments of the entire show.

Next came an unrehearsed but great version of Lagartija Nick. A treat for any Bauhaus lover.  Followed by  She’s in Parties and the spooky unnerving Stigmata Martyr, with Peter playing electric guitar along with Mark. Again, one of those timeless songs that still manages to give me chills whenever I hear it.

Afterwards, we had yet another Bauhaus classic, Dark Entries which oozed the same raw punkish energy one hears on the record. The second non-Bauhaus track of the  night came next, and was the only song I didn’t recognise at first. It turned out to be Severance, a Dead Can Dance cover, which I know Peter has covered before.

The encore consisted of Hollow Hills, Spirit, and the infamous Ziggy Stardust cover that Bauhaus were known for, originally recorded as an ironic slap in the face to the music critics who always maligned them, calling them Bowie clones.

The entire gig was a dream come true for any Bauhaus fan, but also, for any fans of Peter, who may have been too young to have seen him with the band that started it all.

READ THE REST HERE >>>> Gig Review – Peter Murphy – O2 Academy 19 June 2013 | In the Night.

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