Interview with Geordie Walker

geordieThat’s funny. So, talking of this tour, has it been mainly about the Singles Collection that came out just recently?

Well, it wasn’t my bloody idea to put out that singles collection anyway, I’ll tell you that straightaway. I made my best friend Killing Joke’s manager, even though everyone warned me (laughs). He’s a real boxing aficionado, knows all the listings of the fights and the whole thing, and he’s very much like that with our back catalog. The record company thought it was a good idea, but a lot of this tour is basically to raise profile for a new album. That’s why we’re here. All we’ve got to do now is make the record soon, so the profile tour isn’t eighteen months before the month. So that’s what I’m looking forward to.

So you’re not exactly playing songs just from that collection then.

No, there are a few of the old singles in the set, but in a way you’ve got to play it like a DJ. You’ve got a palette of your own songs and some of them work. At certain times you’ve just got to read the room, and try and play it differently every night.

That compilation came out last year but there was also a new album recently called ‘MMXII’. Where do you see the musical direction of Killing Joke going? You’ve had such variation over the years.

We just try to surprise ourselves. That’s why the albums never sound the same. So yeah, we just keep coming up with stuff that still surprises you.

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