Nostalgia! Love and Rockets hit #1 in the US in July 1989

loveLove and Rockets, at times they couldn’t get UK distibution, in the US in 1989 they had a number one.  Go figure man!

When English band Bauhaus dissolved for the first time in 1983, three of the four members reunited two years later to form the alternative-rock band Love and Rockets.

They we’re a little brighter than most goth rock imaged bands of the time, even recording a cover of Motown’s “Ball of Confusion.”

They’ve long been considered one-hit wonders despite having recorded 7 albums and releasing 21 singles. The single responsible for that reputation actually made it to number No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, and on this date in 1989, Love and Rockets’ “So Alive” was the No. 1 song on the Modern Rock charts.

via Lost 80s at 4: Love and Rockets land No. 1 on this date in 1989 – Blogs –

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