Peter Murphy interview

PeterMurphyPeter Murphy really seems to be lightening up these days…

When Bauhaus broke up in 1983, Murphy embarked on a successful solo career that proved influential in its own right with albums like the haunting yet melodious 1988 offering Love Hysteria, which was followed by the even more experimental but somehow more accessible 1989 album Deep. Murphy has always pushed his own envelope, though, and his 2011 album, the appropriately titled Ninth, proved a step forward in his development as a songwriter.

This year, Murphy is touring for the 35th anniversary of the founding of Bauhaus, and he’s playing material from that band’s catalog with musicians not from the original lineup but fully capable of delivering the iconic sounds, nonetheless.

We recently spoke with the charming, thoughtful and self-effacingly humorous Murphy about touring without his ex-bandmates, his love of and missed connections with his unofficial music teacher David Bowie and how ancient esoteric thought has informed his work as an artist and human being generally.

via Peter Murphy on his former Bauhaus bandmates and how he’s a pain in the ass sometimes – Denver – Music – Backbeat.

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