Editors “The Weight of Your Love” LP review… “in truth, it’s hard to start on how awful this thing is..”

editors-the-weight-of-yourI remember, back in two-thousand-and-whatever, when a gaggle of singles came out (a couple were debuts) and I found myself  genuinely interested in new, indie-rock bands again.  Amongst these were Editors and their debut single “Bullets”.  Damn this track is good.  Editors, like Interpol, were plagued with Joy Division comparisons (which are far less relevant to Editors, it’s mainly just his voice) but this track/single definitely has the energy of Warsaw & Joy Division.

So a couple of weeks ago I was in a local record store and saw that Editors had a new LP out.  Number four.  I was in two minds.  Editors debut LP is a 9/10 all day long.  Two and three are un-memorable and shite (respectively).  The odd good track, but mainly shite.

I dutifully paid my £8 and scurried back.  I am a sucker for the limited edition stuff and was irritated when Ade informed me that the special edition has two more tracks (plus video) on it.

However, after listening to the steaming pile of shite that is “The Weight of your Love” I now see that I have SAVED £2 by not forking out for the special edition.  You could be forgiven for thinking that the band has been infiltrated by members of Coldplay, Keane and Athlete as Editors now seem to have inherited the same self-indulgent, safe, MOR, bed-wettingly shite song writing style.  What the fuck is going on?

Isolation records, who write a mean review, sum it up perfectly:

OK, we wouldn’t normally do this, but us and Editors have been there from the start. When they released their first single, limited to 500 copies, we bought five of them to help spread the word. Our names sit proudly in the book which was part of their collected box set and we were at the sweaty gigs in tiny venues that blew our minds and underlined the fact that Editors were the best thing to happen to music for any number of empty years.

We were dismayed in April 2012 when it was announced that brilliant guitarist Chris Urbanowicz had left the group due to differences in musical direction and this threw up any number of horrific thoughts in our minds, but now with The Weight Of Your Love, the first release from the band in four years and the first with new members Justin Lockey and Elliott Williams, Editors have confirmed that these thoughts were way off the mark and far from being a new record, The Weight Of Your Love is, in fact, little more a brutal kick in the testicles.

In truth, it’s hard to start on how awful this thing is, capturing the terrible moment when inspirational alternative musicians decide what they really want is to be serious stadium rockers and in the process throw everything that made them great out of the window. At its very best it sounds like an over-polished Echo & The Bunnymen and at its worst, which it is most of the time, it sounds like an overly-pretentious West End show whose backers fled the country after initial reviews and whose performers were never taken seriously again.

There’s awful falsettos, repulsive horns, god-awful orchestrations, nausea-inducing backing vocals and a lack of any darkness, danger or the slightest trace of an alternative edge; we would have laid our lives on the fact the band we loved would be incapable of producing anything quite so inspidly horrific. Hell, we usually only review records here that inspire us (and we feel could inspire you) and if this had been put out by anybody else it wouldn’t have a got a look-in. But we are regarding this record as a personal insult and feel a warning is in order.

Total respect to Chris Urbanowicz for not wanting to be a part of this. Total. Respect.

via Reviews – June and July 2013.

4 thoughts on “Editors “The Weight of Your Love” LP review… “in truth, it’s hard to start on how awful this thing is..”

  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll steer well clear! The first LP was, as you correctly state, a classic and, although it’s a while since I’ve listened to them, I recall the second wasn’t too bad, the third less so. Isn’t it distressing when this happens to a band you used to love? It seems to be part of a general trend – the blandification of rock’n’roll. Still, we’ve got Savages to get excited about now. Let us pray the same doesn’t happen to them (I can’t see that happening, somehow). Their LP is in my top 3 of the year so far, along with My Bloody Valentine and Queens Of The Stone Age…

  2. Hi Tim – the Savages LP is fantastic, and I am hoping to get a review written (although my time is really limited at the moment, but if you fancied writing a review I’d love to post it), and the QOTSA LP is immense as well.

    1. Hi, erm, GAA! (I’m sure you have a name – care to share?). Been away from computerland for a bit and now have about 100 things in my inbox to deal with, so sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I’ll have a think (I won’t take too long) about doing a Savages review. I, too, don’t seem to have much spare time at the mo’, but I’m flattered you asked. I haven’t flexed my writing muscles in a while, so I really should. Watch this space…

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