Helmet cover Killing Joke’s “Primitive” – studio & live versions

born_bigPrimitive is the closing track on Killing Joke‘s eponymous debut LP (and a masterpiece), and it is among my favourite Killing Joke tracks.

The song is primal in its simplicity and it conjures up that dystopian, post-punk soundscape to perfection.  It is bleak.

And then this track came up again recently – “Helmet”, normally known for far heavier fare, covering Primitive, and when I  revisited it is was excellent to find it was just as good as I remember it…

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“I swear that I was there” – documentary on the seminal Sex Pistols gig, Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester, April 1976 (50 mins, YouTube)

free trade hall ticketNot typical Gods and Alcoves fare, but the gig was such an important one that this is definitely worth a mention.

I swear that I was there…

This is a BBC tv show called I swear that I was there. This episode featured the Sex Pistols Manchester concert from 6-4-1976. Lots of interviews from people that were there and some rare footage.

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Peter Hook interview – “They don’t use the correct instruments” he says of New Order’s current lineup, or as he calls it “New Odor.”

PeterhookPeter Hook interview.

Peter Hook is having a capital time playing classic New Order albums in their entirety with his current band, The Light. But that doesn’t mean he’s at all softened his feelings about the Hook-less version of New Order — or, as he refers to it, “New Odor.”

“They re-formed the band, shamelessly, in 2011 without telling me, without asking my permission to use the band name,” Hook, who left the group circa 2007 and is currently battling former bandmates Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert in British courts over use of the New Order name, tells Billboard. “They licensed the name to themselves, which I disagree strong with, and I’m seeking a legal remedy. It’s like a divorce settlement… fixed by the wife without consulting the husband, and the husband doesn’t think it’s fair. They’ve carried on regardless and have not even informed the fans that it’s not the (original) lineup, which I think is a terrible thing to do. I get messages all the time from people that, ‘I went to see New Order, and you weren’t there.'”

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Gary Numan interview

numan blueGary Numan interview.

There’s a certain cannon of events that have defined pop music during the past 50 years or so. The Beatles playing The Ed Sullivan Show. Bob Dylan plugging in at Newport. David Bowie creating Ziggy Stardust. And Gary Numan taking synth-based music to No. 1 on the Billboard Charts. Whereas it may have once seemed odd to see Numan’s name alongside some of the biggest names in popular music, bear in mind we’re living in the age of EDM, when Ableton Live has replaced the Les Paul as the axe of choice for kids getting into making music.

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FIDLAR give Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand” the psychedelic-rock-shoegaze treatment… to great effect!

caveNow this is really interesting… FIDLAR from Los Angeles give us a guitar-drenched cover of Nick Cave’s classic “Red Right Hand”, entitled “Red Right Hand (Nick Cage)”, whose face adorns the audio player on their site.

In truth, this song has been overplayed and for me has lost its sheen, but this cover is right on the money.  FIDLAR strip the song back to the bones and deliver a pysch/rock/shoegaze masterpiece.  Below is a fantastic live version on Triple J (Where it was submitted as part of the “Like a Version” competition) and also a really raw studio version (with added mad piano).  On the whole, I think I like the live version better.

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Peter Hook interview

Peter Hook And The Light logoPeter Hook interview about taking the first two New Order LPs on tour.

In The Light, your son, Jack, is playing bass. In New Order’s current line-up Tom Chapman is playing your parts. How is it that the music of New Order is being played live around the world and you are not playing your signature bass hooks?

Yes it is certainly a very funny situation isn’t it! The good thing about this set though is that I do get to play a lot more bass, the music allows me to play much more than it did for the Joy Division sets that we did, which is nice. I suppose I should be flattered really that my bass lines are getting such airplay at the moment even if it isn’t me that’s playing the majority of them.

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“6 Things Every One Direction Fan Needs To Know About Joy Division”

disneyjoydivision6 Things Every One Direction Fan Needs To Know About Joy Division

When we saw One Direction member Louis Tomlinson wearing a Joy Division “Love Will Tear Us Apart” T-shirt at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards last Sunday, we couldn’t help but give him a little side-eye action. Have Joy Division joined Ramones as the go-to T-shirt to express how edgy and rebellious you are?

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