Killing Joke sign-off for the year

killing-jokeIt has been a pretty good couple of years for Killing Joke largely because of their excellent recent studio LP MCMXII (“2012”) – the second new LP from the reformed original line-up, and their first ever singles compilation [and special edition] (covering a phenomenal 33 year span… and still going), as well as rave review from the supporting tours (for both albums).

But they are taking a break as they announced recently on Facebook.

Well that’s it for a while now. Festival at weekend was last thing in diary for a long time. Thanks for an amazing 24 months and supporting us by buying tickets all over the world not to mention making 2012 one of our best selling and most critically acclaimed albums to date.

We really enjoyed curating our singles album too it was odd to think it started 35 years ago.  So what next?

KJ have been resigned to Universal/Spinefarm for a 3rd studio album which we will start recording around October time but most likely Wont come out till the following September. Might do a little tour of Switzerland at some point too.

Youth’s KJ in Dub triple album will finally see the light very shortly, Just waiting on Jaz’s book to ship and we will put that up for preorder.

Jaz’s book is about to go out and he’ll be touring it as a spoken word thing (announcement soon). After that his Nirvana Symphony looks like seeing the light of day in quite a spectacular way with a live TV broadcast from a prominent venue. He’s also producing Shihad’s new album which is going to be a trip.

And then the film…

Well it is done and folk in NZ have actually seen it (no honestly)

It’s actually very good and Shaun has done a great job, but we like you are waiting in them finalising everything before it can be seen by everyone. We have no more news sadly.

With any luck cinema will still exist by the time it’s released…

Youth is working on the new Echo & The Bunnymen album as well as Peter Murphy’s 10th offering. He’s also just completed an album with David Tibet of Current 93 which looks like being released on a new label set up by him and KJ manager David Bianchi.

Geordie has already demoed 9 new KJ tunes as riffs and is buried deep in European studios.

Paul is in US recovering after having to miss Oz/NZ tour and will 100% be back on the drum stool for next album.

Anyhoo, thanks again and more news will appear here as and when it comes in.

KJ 2013

via Killing Joke: Official.

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