Peter Hook & the Light to release “Unknown Pleasures” & “Closer” live, 2nd Sept 2013, download Heart & Soul now!

Peter Hook And The Light logoFor those of you who have not come across “Peter Hook and the Light” yet, or have decided to instantly dislike it because of the material, then I would urge you to have a listen to this.

Peter Hook has joined/formed and taken a young band on tour (his son plays bass, he plays lead bass) playing Joy Division and New Order material.

 I bought a download of the Leeds Cockpit set from the “Unknown Pleasures” tour (2012) from Play Concert, and it is excellent (buy it here  – sample it here).  The energy is pure Warsaw/early JD and the musicianship – and vocals – are excellent.  And the 24 track set also contains Warsaw and other JD material.  

And, would you know, Hooky has just announced another release. (An audio sampler, and all of Heart and Soul, are below.)

Peter Hook & the Light to release “Unknown Pleasures & Closer” Live from Christ Church, Macclesfield

Released By Play Concert Mon 2nd Sept 2013

Peter Hook, the legendary bassist and co-founder of seminal groups “Joy Division” and “New Order” performed with “The Light” at Macclesfield on Sunday 23rd June. Playing a specially arranged concert at the 18th century place of worship, “Christ Church” a unique Grade II* isted building – dormant for 30 years – brought back to life as an arts and performance venue at the 2013 Barnaby Festival where the band performed Joy Division’s albums “Unknown Pleasures” and “Closer” in full.

Playing both the debut album “Unknown Pleasures” as well the following and final album “Closer” sequentially and in full, both Martin Hannett produced albums are considered seminal, classics. The performance was recorded in full and will be released digitally, in Mp3 and WAV formats, by Manchester based digital music company Play Concert on the 2nd September 2013.

Macclesfield was home to Joy Division’s lead singer Ian Curtis until he died in 1980. As well as Macclesfield being Ian’s hometown, it was also the birthplace of Joy Division and New Order’s drummer, Stephen Morris, who continues to live just outside the town.

Originally from Salford, Peter Hook has many connections with Macclesfield and lives close by. Despite Joy Division rehearsing many times in Macclesfield, this was the first time that the band’s music was been performed live in the town and the Barnaby concert proved a special and emotive occasion for Hooky, as well as for members of The Light and the band’s fans who attended.

Peter Hook said: “It was actually very, very strange playing in Macclesfield, because New Order was based in Macclesfield so with the angst of recent years, it was very funny being back here. Joy Division and New Order practiced in Macclesfield, but to my knowledge they never performed here so this was the first time that the music of Joy Division was played live in the town.

There’s always been an obvious relationship between the bands and Macclesfield. I feel it’s nice to have celebrated that, and performing in a church made it very special. I feel like we do owe something to Macclesfield, so hopefully it came together in a special way on the night.”

With Hooky and The Light now moving onto performing the early New Order albums, with upcoming North American, South American, UK and Irish tours in September and October 2013 where the band will perform “Movement” and “Power, Corruption And Lies”, the historic Macclesfield concert marks an opportunity to catch The Light perform both of the revered Joy Division albums in full at the same concert.

“Heart & Soul” Free Download

Gig sampler

Peter Hook And The Light – Live At Christ Church, Macclesfield Set List

  1. Dead Souls
  2. Digital
  3. Disorder
  4. Day Of The Lords
  5. Candidate
  6. Insight
  7. New Dawn Fades
  8. She’s Lost Control
  9. Shadowplay
  10. Wilderness
  11. Interzone
  12. I Remember Nothing
  13. Atrocity Exhibition
  14. Isolation
  15. Passover
  16. Colony
  17. A Means To An Ends
  18. Heart & Soul
  19. Twenty Four Hours
  20. The Eternal
  21. Decades
  22. Atmosphere
  23. Ceremony
  24. Transmission
  25. Love Will Tear Us Apart

via Peter Hook :: The Light – “Unknown Pleasures / Closer” Live At Christ Church, Macclesfield – Released By Play Concert Mon 2nd Sept 2013 – Free download Heart & Soul Available Now.

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