FIDLAR give Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand” the psychedelic-rock-shoegaze treatment… to great effect!

caveNow this is really interesting… FIDLAR from Los Angeles give us a guitar-drenched cover of Nick Cave’s classic “Red Right Hand”, entitled “Red Right Hand (Nick Cage)”, whose face adorns the audio player on their site.

In truth, this song has been overplayed and for me has lost its sheen, but this cover is right on the money.  FIDLAR strip the song back to the bones and deliver a pysch/rock/shoegaze masterpiece.  Below is a fantastic live version on Triple J (Where it was submitted as part of the “Like a Version” competition) and also a really raw studio version (with added mad piano).  On the whole, I think I like the live version better.

FIDLAR Turn Nick Cave’s ‘Red Right Hand’ Into a Punk-Party Jam

via FIDLAR Turn Nick Cave’s ‘Red Right Hand’ Into a Punk-Party Jam | SPIN | SPIN Mix | Songs.

FIDLAR are normally known as L.A. drunk-punks, but their droning cover of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ classic “Red Right Hand” finds them devolving into ghoulish territory.

Cave’s suave doom-and-gloom tune normally moves at a hauntingly slow pace, but the young quartet injects the creeper with a jittery energy, slamming down on piano keys and spitting out slightly fuzzed-over vocals. FIDLAR also call their version “Red Right Hand (Nick Cage),” so thanks to Cave, Cage, and Nick Offerman, they’ve pulled off an amazing Nick hat trick in the last few weeks. Hear FIDLAR’s version of “Red Right Hand” at their Tumblr (via Consequence of Sound), and keep an eye out for the SPIN Essential outfit’s upcoming “Awkward” single, out September 8.

FIDLAR “Red Right Hand” – radio station, live version (TripleJ)

The music starts exactly one minute in…

FIDLAR “Red Right Hand” – studio version

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