Peter Hook interview

Peter Hook And The Light logoPeter Hook interview about taking the first two New Order LPs on tour.

In The Light, your son, Jack, is playing bass. In New Order’s current line-up Tom Chapman is playing your parts. How is it that the music of New Order is being played live around the world and you are not playing your signature bass hooks?

Yes it is certainly a very funny situation isn’t it! The good thing about this set though is that I do get to play a lot more bass, the music allows me to play much more than it did for the Joy Division sets that we did, which is nice. I suppose I should be flattered really that my bass lines are getting such airplay at the moment even if it isn’t me that’s playing the majority of them.

After this tour, will you be playing some of New Order’s other albums live down the line?

Yes, believe it or not we do have a plan! We will tour our Movement and Power, Corruption & Lies set around the world first but once we have done that we do plan to move onto the next two records, Low Life and Brotherhood, towards the end of 2014.

via Peter Hook’s Dreams Never End | Salvatore Bono.

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