Peter Hook’s “Top 5 Riotous Moments”

hookyPeter Hook’s “Top 5 Riotous Moments” article includes some classic footage – New Oder at Glastonbury in 1981!

01. First Glastonbury Appearance – June 1981 – Glastonbury back then was so different than it is today. It was basically a bunch of tents in a field and people could walk in and out as they wished. It still had very hippie vibes to it and we were in that Eighties Thatcherite era so in a way I found it quite incongruous that we should be there but it was great, great fun to play and considering Hawkwind were one of my favourite groups, to support them was fantastic.

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Killing Joke, live at Squat Rue De Argand, Geneva, September 1983 (FLAC download)

FRClassic Killing Joke – from the Fire Dances tour – and a really good quality bootleg recording.

I need not say too much about Killng Joke to this audience.

One of the most original and enduring bands to emerge from punk and big Stranglers fans to boot.

I give you a 1983 set (from the time of the ‘Fire Dances’ album) by the mighty Joke!

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Pixies, “Indie Cindy” video

pixies logoHaven’t watched it yet…

Look what the cat dragged in. ‘Indie Cindie’ is the lead track from the new Pixies release, EP 1, which you can buy right now by clicking here. The EP is limited to 5,000 copies on vinyl worldwide, and can be bought digitally or on wax with or without a T shirt. The sleeve art, which you can see below, was designed by Vaughan Oliver at v23.

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New Order master tapes “being held for ransom” claims Peter Hook

PeterhookMore Hooky madness…

Former New Order bassist Peter Hook claims that a collection of the band’s master tapes are being held “for ransom” by a former assistant of the late producer Martin Hannett. Julia Adamson has allegedly rejected a proposed “finder’s fee” from New Order, including a percentage of profits from related record releases, as she attempts to find a home for dozens of recordings she saved from the skip.

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Bauhaus’ David J on the road… a bit… in the US

bauhausDavid J playing some rare live shows, albeit in the US… shame he doesn’t make it to the UK.

David J is a founding member of two of the most significant modern-rock troupes of all time.

The bassist’s first triumph came with Bauhaus, the group that formed in 1978 in Northampton, England, and quickly went about writing the rule book for what would become known as goth rock. It didn’t take long for that band, featuring Peter Murphy on vocals, to make a huge impression. Bauhaus’ very first single was the nearly 10-minute “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” a dark masterpiece that stands as one of the most dramatic and convincing introductions in popular music history.

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