Killing Joke, live at Squat Rue De Argand, Geneva, September 1983 (FLAC download)

FRClassic Killing Joke – from the Fire Dances tour – and a really good quality bootleg recording.

I need not say too much about Killng Joke to this audience.

One of the most original and enduring bands to emerge from punk and big Stranglers fans to boot.

I give you a 1983 set (from the time of the ‘Fire Dances’ album) by the mighty Joke!

  1. Fall Of Because
  2. Frenzy
  3. Pssyche
  4. Song And Dance
  5. Lust Almighty
  6. Sun Goes Down
  7. Feast Of Blaze
  8. Wardance
  9. Change
  10. Eighties
  11. Empire Song
  12. Complication
  13. Requiem
  14. Primitive
  15. We Have Joy
  16. The Pandys Are Coming
  17. The Gathering

via Aural Sculptors – The Stranglers Live: 20 From ’83 (8) Killing Joke Squat Rue De Argand Geneva September 1983.

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