Peter Hook on Joy Division masters… again.

joy division tapesCurioser and curioser – it looks like the Joy Division/New Order master tape saga has taken another twist… apparently there is a whole back story, and they weren’t exactly found.  Here’s an excerpt from a recent Rolling Stone article

How’s the master tape debacle going? Have any developments progressed since the last time we heard from you?

It’s a much deeper story than the one that was first presented. [Julia Adamson] found them a long time ago, and we’d already tried to get them off her. She told us that they’d been stolen from her; she had a police report. This was years ago. It came out that she just found them this summer, but somehow, they got returned to her! How weird! As my wife quite rightly put it, there seems to be a very thin line between reward and ransom.

We’re hoping Rapunzel will let down her hair and I’ll be able to climb up and get the masters. Her husband was Chris Nagle, who was the engineer of Unknown Pleasures and Closer, and he’s a very good friend of mine.

via Peter Hook on Joy Division Masters | Music News | Rolling Stone.

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