David J announces a two disc expanded version of his debut “The Etiquette of Violence”

71ug1wTBjnL._SL1400_Hot on the heels of the Bauhaus five LP omnibus, and Daniel Ash’s three LP anthology, David J is releasing a two disc expanded version of his excellent debut “The Etiquette of Violence”.  The LP is due out on November 25th 2013.

David J is best known as the bassist in Bauhaus a band he played in with his brother.

After the split he formed Love and Rockets with Daniel Ash – this, his first solo album was originally released on Situation 2 in 1983 and has not been available since the original CD issue in 1990.

This reissue is newly mastered from original tapes. A bonus disc of home demos and rare B-Sides with new sleeve notes by Andrew Brooksbank. Upgraded art work with many rare photos and memorabilia.  This expanded edition has full support from the artist

via Cherry Red Records – Etiquette of Violence: Expanded Edition.

Tracklist: David J, Etiquette of Violence

CD 1
1. “I Hear Only Silence Now”
2. “No Ones Sending Roses”
3. “The Fugitive”
4. “Betrayal”
5. “Joe Orton’s Wedding”
6. “The Promised Land”
7. “With The Indians Permanent”
8. “Say Uncle”
9. “Disease”
10. “Roulette”
11. “Saint Jackie”

CD 2
1. “Diamonds From Rome To Milan” (Previously Unreleased From Etiquette Sessions)
2. “Saint Jackie” (Alternative – Previously Unreleased Single Mix)
3. “A Seducer, A Doctor, A Card You Cannot Trust” (Alternative – Previously Unreleased B Side)
4. “The Gospel According To Fear” (Full Length Unedited Version Previously Unreleased – Edit From Joe Orton’s Wedding Single B Side)
5. “Alternative 2″ (1979 Home Demo Previously Unreleased)
6. “Limbo Land” (1979 Home Demo Previously Unreleased)
7. “The Face Of Don Repo” (1979 Home Demo Previously Unreleased)
8. “The Look” (1979 Home Demo Previously Unreleased)
9. “The Yes Man Who Said No” (1979 Home Demo Previously Unreleased)
10. “Nothing” (1981 Situation Two Single)
11. “Armour” (1981 Situation Two Single)
12. “Destiny” (1979 Home Demo Previously Unreleased)
13. “With The Indians Permanent” (1983 Demo For Etiquette Of Violence Previously Unreleased)
14. “Requiem For Joe” (1983 Joe Orton’s Wedding Single B Side)
15. “Point Of Departure” (1983 Joe Orton’s Wedding Single B Side)
16. “Old Gangsters Never Die” (1983 Single A Side)
17. “March Of Sinister Ducks” (1983 Single AA Side – Never Before on CD )


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