News about Killing Joke’s “The Death and Resurrection Show” movie

Want-to-be-part-of-the-killing-jokeWill the Killing Joke story, aka “the Death and Resurrection Show” movie EVER be released?  Does it actually exist?  Well, we may be one step closer to finding out…

Dearest Gatherers,

The wait has been a long one, but we’re back in motion, and we’re long overdue for one of our updates to you all.

As some of you will know from posts Shaun has been deep in all kinds of sound mixing, often with indie films this is a fairly quick process because most of us indie filmmakers are guilty of under-valuing sound, fortunately Shaun isn’t and has determinedly slaved away at sound mixes and 5:1 formats to kick out something pretty amazing that gives the wonderful music the best possible showcase, so as of about 24 hours ago the film is finally fully locked and complete; over a decade of work for Mr Pettigrew!

With that done we’re now chasing around a huge list of rights owners of music, video and photography to make sure everything is 100% cleared and cool to proceed, this is a process that has been warmed up a few times over the last year or so and we see no issues coming up.

As such, distribution efforts are in full swing. We’re starting the ball rolling with a few festivals and preview screenings; the first public screening was indeed in NZ a couple of months ago and was pretty much the final cut with a stereo mix, this weekend it is due to play the CBGB festival in NYC with the 5:1 mix and is at this moment somewhere over the Pacific just barely scraping into the deadline, and at the start of November it will play at Finland’s Rokumentti Festival in Joensuu, exact date TBC, there may be more we’ll see. Festivals are a good opportunity for industry and press people to see the film and to make any last minute tweaks to things.

All being well there will be a theatrical release of the film at the start of 2014, right at the start like Jan/Feb kind of time, mostly this will be in the UK and we will have a special London premiere event TBC, but there will also be screenings in various indie/arthouse cinemas in other countries, mostly capital cities, all TBC.

The DVD/Blu Ray details will be announced soon, we’re talking out some details with a distributor and weighing that offer against an independent release. Either way the disks will be available not too long after the cinema screenings and Shaun is working out a bunch of extras to put on there, we have so much cool footage it would be a sin not to show some of it, we’ll probably make them available for pre-sale in the next month or so.

There will then be some screenings on pay TV, most of which is getting lined up by our wonderful sales agent this week, that will probably hit in spring, terrestrial TV will be a long way off as will digital downloads most likely.

So, we said it before, but it’s nearly here, there’s just a few bits of paper to sign basically.

Thanks and love to you all for your patience, and thanks and love to everyone who has poured so much work into the project; technicians of various kinds, friends, industry people, band management and of course the Joke themselves, it would have been impossible to finish otherwise, there will be many lists of thank yous in the coming months and many updates as soon as things are confirmed…

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