News about Killing Joke’s “The Death and Resurrection Show” movie

Want-to-be-part-of-the-killing-jokeWill the Killing Joke story, aka “the Death and Resurrection Show” movie EVER be released?  Does it actually exist?  Well, we may be one step closer to finding out…

Dearest Gatherers,

The wait has been a long one, but we’re back in motion, and we’re long overdue for one of our updates to you all.

As some of you will know from posts Shaun has been deep in all kinds of sound mixing, often with indie films this is a fairly quick process because most of us indie filmmakers are guilty of under-valuing sound, fortunately Shaun isn’t and has determinedly slaved away at sound mixes and 5:1 formats to kick out something pretty amazing that gives the wonderful music the best possible showcase, so as of about 24 hours ago the film is finally fully locked and complete; over a decade of work for Mr Pettigrew!

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Not Fade Away 1980: Atmosphere, by Joy Division

super-ianGood article arguing that Joy Division’s Atmosphere is the best single from 1980.  Taken from the “Not Fade Away: 60 years, 60 songs” series – by Teddy Jamieson

Not Fade Away 1980: Atmosphere, by Joy Division.

“‘Atmosphere’ is a massive song. A lot of people say it’s their favourite Joy Division song but it’s not mine; it reminds me too much of Ian, like it’s his death march or something, and it figures that it’s one of the most popular songs to play at funerals; Robbie Williams has got ‘Angels’ for weddings and we’ve got ‘Atmosphere’ for funerals.”

Peter Hook, Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division, Simon & Schuster, 2012

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The Cure plays a Top-heavy set in Mexico

cure464189Excellent news, Cure fans… As was reported recently, Robert Smith has hinted that further “Reflections” shows, possibly for 2014.

This seems to be backed up by the (very) recent performance in Mexico where the Cure played a stunning 43 track set, with plenty of Top material making an appearance.

We can but hope.

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Live reviews of “Live_Transmission” – Joy Division reworked

Live-Transmission_2Well, it seems like Scanner + Heritage  Orchestra’s re-working of Joy Division songs is going down particularly well…

Live_Transmission, Colston Hall

Joy Division are a band who attracted and still attract fanatical fans, people who would see any cover versions or re-working of the bands songs as sacrilegious. An example being the use of Joy Division artwork by hipster labels and companies being a source of annoyance to fans of the band – guaranteed you could throw a brick into any would be hipster hangout, please do, in Bristol and whack someone wearing an Unknown Pleasures T-shirt. Got the T-shirt, unlikely to have listened to the entire album though.

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David J announces a two disc expanded version of his debut “The Etiquette of Violence”

71ug1wTBjnL._SL1400_Hot on the heels of the Bauhaus five LP omnibus, and Daniel Ash’s three LP anthology, David J is releasing a two disc expanded version of his excellent debut “The Etiquette of Violence”.  The LP is due out on November 25th 2013.

David J is best known as the bassist in Bauhaus a band he played in with his brother.

After the split he formed Love and Rockets with Daniel Ash – this, his first solo album was originally released on Situation 2 in 1983 and has not been available since the original CD issue in 1990.

This reissue is newly mastered from original tapes. A bonus disc of home demos and rare B-Sides with new sleeve notes by Andrew Brooksbank. Upgraded art work with many rare photos and memorabilia.  This expanded edition has full support from the artist

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Daniel Ash announces three disc anthology

71Ga5ZBkxSL._AA1500_News of two great releases coming up. Apart from David J’s massively expanded re-issue of his excellent debut LP “The Etiquette of Violence”, the main news for me is the release of Daniel Ash’s three LP anthology, due for release on November 25th 2013.

Where Bauhaus’s up-coming five LP omnibus release has no new material, both of these releases are laden with extras.  From Slicing Up Eyeballs:

The three-disc box set Anthology includes Ash’s first two solo albums, 1991′s Coming Down and 1992′s Foolish Thing Desire, each “newly mastered from the original tapes” and expanded with period B-sides, as well as a third disc featuring 20 rare tracks, B-sides and demos. The set also includes new sleevenotes featuring a new interview with Ash and “upgraded artwork with many rare photos and memorabilia.”

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Bauhaus five LP omnibus release

Unfortunately bauhausbat-fans, this is not half as exciting as it sounds.  Essentially this is Bauhaus’s first four LPs (with NO bonus tracks, but with newly remastered versions of the Sky’s Gone Out and Burning from the Inside), plus a “singles” LP which is a mish-mash of singles, bsides and rarities.

This release does represent excellent value for money – five LPs retailing at under £15. And I hear the two remasters are “stunning” which may well be worth the admission fee alone.

Unfortunately the original 12″ version of the seminal Bela Lugosi’s Dead is missing, but the “Tomb Raider mix” of Bela is included.  So, unfortunately, there is still no definitive Bauhaus singles compilation.

This LP set is scheduled to be released on November 25th 2013, the same day as both the Daniel Ash three disc anthology, and David J’s two disc reissue of “The Etiquette of Violence”.  November is a good month for Bauhaus fans.  From the Beggars website:

In The Flat Field and Mask (and the relevant singles) use the masters created for the Omnibus Editions.

The Skys Gone Out and Burning From The Inside (plus associated singles) have been re-mastered by Tony Cousins at Metropolis Studios and sound fresher than a daisy and more deadly than nightshade. This is the ONLY digital remastering from the original studio analogue tapes since 1988 (excepting a few tracks on Crackle (1998) which have also been re-mastered).

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