Jaz Coleman’s “Letters from Cythera/The Island symphony” – new mockups

letters cythera

Jaz Coleman: Letters from Cythera/The Island symphony – New book & CD mock up!

There may be one or two eagle-eyed amongst you who’ve noticed that the recent mock-up I did of Jaz’s book and CD doesn’t quite match the original artist’s impression. Well there’s a good reason for this.

When I came to the project I was a little dismayed to discover that the book would be a paperback in a slipcase. I’ve now managed to re-adjust the spec so that we have a foil-blocked hardback linen-bound book with a full-colour wraparound dust jacket inside a solid full-colour slip case, it has 492 pages, measures approximately 250mm x 160mm x 45mm and it weighs a ton (slight exaggeration). The logistics of this meant that the CD would be better as a stand-alone item, which it now is, in a wallet with a separate slipcase for the CD – a bit like a mini vinyl album.

Everything is now being printed and manufactured and the plan is to mail out during the first two weeks of 2014.

Sincere apologies from Jaz and all at PledgeMusic for the long delay, I know some of you have kids that have probably grown up and left home since you first pledged, so look on the bright side…


Mike Coles

via PledgeMusic.

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