David J releases “exquisite new cinematic interpretation” of Bela Lugosi’s Dead

SONY DSCBetter late than never.  Not content with re-releasing his excellent debut – The Etiquette of Violence – (and it is a really good release with the extra tracks), David J has decided to re-visit and re-record the Bauhaus seminal debut single – Bela Lugosi’s Dead.

BELA LUGOSI’S DEAD (Undead is Forever)

Revisited by DAVID J and JILL TRACY

An exquisite new cinematic interpretation of the Bauhaus classic “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” from David J, one of the legendary band’s founding members, with signature post-classical piano from noir chanteuse Jill Tracy.

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Nick Cave to guest on the new “Current 93” LP

Nick-Cave-20000-Days-On-Earth-lead-384x384Having announced the release of their new album, The Last Of All The Field That Fell earlier this month, esoteric post-industrial group Current 93 have now revealed details of the guest appearances on the record.

David Tibet has enlisted Nick Cave, Antony Hegarty (both on “voice and voices”) and These New Puritans’ Jack Barnett for “organ, sound design and voices”, as well as The Groundhogs members Tony McPhee and Carl Stokes, avant-garde composer and saxophonist John Zorn and guitarist James Blackshaw, for the record, set for release on March 3 2014 via Tibet’s Coptic Cat label.

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Ian Curtis’s kitchen table sells for £8,400… next up, Peter Murphy’s toaster…

ian_curtis_kitchen_table_pWhat… the… f*@k…?

Ian Curtis’ kitchen table has sold for £8,400 on eBay.

The Joy Division singer’s old furniture went up for sale for eight days on the popular auction site, and now the table has sold for a price the seller describes as ‘crazy’.

Terry Harrop, 51, bought the table seven years ago for just £100 from Ian’s former neighbour Dorothy Bentley Smith, who bought the singer’s house on Barton Street and ran it as a Bed and Breakfast after his death.

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Killing Joke “In Dub” track listing and release date announced

killing joke in dub

So, after months of speculation, a track-listing and release date for Killing Joke “In Dub” has finally been announced.  As the name suggests, “In Dub” is a compilation of new and existing dub remixes of Killing Joke tracks.

Update: In Dub is now available for download, with a different tracklisting to below.

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“Dog Soldiers”, New Model Army interview

new model armyNew Model Army are an old favourite at G&A towers and their most recent LP, “Between Dog and Wolf”, is a return to form.  The excellent Quietus interviewed NMA recently…

It’s been five years since the last New Model Army album, five years in which events have forced the long running band to draw a line under their past. Some of these were celebratory – an extensive 30th anniversary tour, a comprehensive reissue of their debut album – others less happy, such as the departure of bass player Nelson after 22 years of active service. More tragic was a fire in their studio that destroyed years of live recordings and most of the band’s instruments, and most awful of all the death of their long serving manager Tommy Tee, just prior to the recording of their last album, 2009’s Today Is A Good Day. All of this enforced not only a long break between records, but an audible attempt to forge forward, rather than looking back. New album Between Dog And Wolf, while just about recognisable as New Model Army, throws out much that we know about them: the earnest punk, much of the overt politics, the world-muso folkiness and most of the guitars. What’s left is a lean, textured record of murder ballads and gothic Americana led by tom-heavy rhythms.

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