Gary Numan and Mary Vango: “how we made Are ‘Friends’ Electric?”

numan2Typically candid interview the Gary Numan on the very origins of Tubeway Army’s sound.

In 1978, I was fronting a three-piece punk band called Tubeway Army. We’d had a couple of unsuccessful singles, but our record company still wanted us to do an album, so they put us in a studio to record it. That was when I saw my first ever synthesiser, a Minimoog. When I turned it on, the sound blew me away. In that moment, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

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The Sisters of Mercy expand summer tour with new dates in UK & Ireland

Sisters Of MercyStill stubbornly refusing to release any studio material, the Sisters of Mercy kick out on tour once more, announcing a European festival tour, closing with some dates in the UK.

The Sisters of Mercy continue to expand their summer touring plans, this week adding three more shows in the U.K. and Ireland onto the end of their growing itinerary, which already was hitting Europe for a 12-date run and now goes beyond what had appeared to be an isolated July appearance at the U.K.’s hard-rock/metal-themed Sonisphere festival.

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Peter Hook’s favourite Joy Division and New Order bass-lines

hookyPeter Hook’s Top 10 Joy Division and New Order Bass Lines

Written by: Paul Gleason

In a Caught in the Carousel exclusive, legendary bassist and songwriter, Peter Hook, reveals to Paul Gleason the Top 10 bass lines that he wrote for Joy Division and New Order.

1. “Leave Me Alone,” New Order, Power, Corruption & Lies, 1983

I love the mood of this song and how Barney’s [Bernard Sumner’s] guitar works around the bass line.

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Jaz Coleman’s “13th Floor Radio Programme”

jaz_colemanGood chat from Jaz, of Killing Joke.

One of the most intriguing stories of 2012 was the alleged disappearance of Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman. Well, we’ll start out the new year by revealing that Jaz is right here at The 13th Floor.

To get 2013 going in the right direction Jaz Coleman has agreed to host a 13th Floor streaming radio show in which he plays some of his most influential tracks. As one would expect from a man who excels in both the rock and classical worlds, Jaz’s tastes run all over the map from reggae to punk, from classical to metal.

Listen in as Jaz Coleman shares, not only some of his favourite musical tracks, but also stories that include his friends from Joy Division, Can and Bauhaus, among others.

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The Cure, live in 1984 assorted videos: Oxford Road Show, The Tube, live from Glasgow Barrowlands, live from Munchen

smithI think 1984 was a really interesting year for the Cure, and it saw the release of two LP’s – “the Top” and “Concert – the Cure Live”.

The Top (an excellent LP) was really a Robert Smith solo LP, Simon Gallup had left the band after Pornography in 1982, and the Cure’s line-up had been very fluid ever since (see this interesting live appearance in 1983 with a totally different line-up again).

Robert Smith was busy… even though the Cure had semi-imploded, he was playing with and touring with the Banshees, plus being part of the Glove (with Steve Severin).

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Killing Joke – “Money Is Not Our God (Babylon Dub)”

Killing-Joke-in-Dub-300x300The excellent “In Dub” LP from Killing Joke has been on heavy rotation at G&A Towers and it gets better with every listen.  If you like dub, and/or Killing Joke, then give this a listen.

The LP is a triple CD of new & old dub remixes of new and old Killing Joke tracks.

The outstanding track for me is the Babylon Dub mix of “Money is Not Our God” and, if you need any more convincing, the track is below for your delectation…

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