Nick Cave interview in Rolling Stone about “20,000 Days on Earth”

Nick-Cave-20000-Days-On-Earth-lead-384x384How Nick Cave Lost His V-Card, and More From the Rocker’s Sundance Documentary – the new documentary ‘20,000 Days on Earth’ magnifies Cave’s mythology into something more elemental

In the film, you drive around with Kylie Minogue, Ray Winstone, and your former bandmate, Blixa Bargeld. Was that part of the storyboard?

Not the conversations. But the basic idea that we would get people that had some influence over my life. We hadn’t quite worked out who but they were nice people in the end. Ray I see around, but I hadn’t really seen Kylie or Blixa in years.

Kylie surprised me by being so sincere. At one point you ask what she’s afraid of. And she answers, “I worry about being forgotten and lonely.”

We hadn’t really spoken for a long time, so it was quite special to be with her again. We were really close in a detached kind of way. We both really liked to be with each other. That was a poignant answer, and a very honest answer. And none of that is staged. We just got in the car.

Blixa left the band in 2003. In the car, you hash out why he left.

He left after about twenty years through an email. It was a very short email: a couple of lines. I rang him up and asked if he was sure. He said yes. And that was that. I’d never really talked to him or worked out why or what had happened. That conversation was the first time we’d ever really talked about why he’d left the band.

He seemed shockingly respectful and not angry. Did you believe him?

Yes. There’s another longer version where Blixa says that on the final record we were making together, that it was so different than the band he had originally joined that he was in tears. And I kind of understand that. I have always wanted to make different sorts of records, and I don’t want to make records that I’ve made before. I want to present things that challenge us as musicians. Nocturama was a particularly difficult record because nobody really liked the songs. What was required of the band was very minimal, and I think Blixa felt there was nothing left for him to bring to a band.

via ‘20,000 Days on Earth’: Nick Cave’s Sundance Revelations | Movies News | Rolling Stone.

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