Sporadic extra tickets for Cure gigs in March

Cure TCT 2014 poster 2A message for Cure fans looking for tickets for the Teenage Cancer Trust Shows in March.

Both Cure RAH shows for TCT are SOLD OUT! However, agents may return odd tickets as they sweep for touts/multiple bookings; so periodically over the next week or so tickets will likely appear on either gigsandtours.com or Ticketmaster.com. Also, nearer the dates of the shows some ‘debenture holders’ will probably donate their seats to the charity, meaning a few more tickets will appear for sale in March, right up until the day of the show. I’m letting you know this not because we need to publicise, but just in case you wonder why every now and then someone is able to buy a ticket and posts about it on Facebook! Please keep checking back with gigsandtours, and thank you again for your wonderful support of Teenage Cancer Trust.

via Chain Of Flowers: Promoter statement about RAH tickets.

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