What we might expect from the Cure’s forthcoming LP – ‘4:14 Scream’

super-cureFollowing on from the Cure’s recent announcement on a new LP and confirming the next round of “Reflections” gigs, here’s an interesting piece from Chain Of Flowers on “what we might expect from the Cure’s forthcoming LP – ‘4:14 Scream'”

Going back through some of the old 4:13 era articles and some more recent stuff, and thought it would be fun to put together a list of songs that might be included on 4:14 Scream.

Songs that could be on it:

  • A Boy I Never Knew
  • Please Come Home
  • (Both of these were from ‘The Cure’ sessions, but said to have been re-recorded during the ‘4:13’ sessions)
  • Strum (from ‘The Cure’ sessions)
  • Lusting Here In Your Mind (from the ‘4:13’ sessions)
  • Christmas Without You (from the ‘4:13’ sessions)
  • An unknown number of instrumentals (from the ‘4:13’ sessions)

Robert speaking with XL (June 2012): “But for sure, before our public farewell, we’ll release the record. It’ll be the continuation of the previous one and it’ll be accompanied by the DVD of our show in Paris in 2008 and perhaps by a live show from this summer. It will be slow and full of emotions. The typical Cure-sound.”

In an NME interview (March 2012), Robert said he “has 12 tracks, including instrumentals, that he wants to release, but only as part of a double 4:13 album.” In that same interview, he says 4 songs on ‘4:13’ should be on ‘4:14’, and 4 on ‘4:14’ should be on ‘4:13’. Hoping Robert will tell us which ones should be switched, then we can all make proper versions of the albums, the way he originally envisioned them.

Robert told UOL (April 2013) the following: “my personal favorite is the album that we’re about to launch. I think it’s definitely my favorite kind of music. There’s a song on the album called “Christmas Without You”. It’s the best song I’ve ever written.”

The song (which was said to be about the death of a close friend) was recorded during the ‘4:13 Dream’ sessions. In this Blender interview (March 2008), Robert called it “one of the most unhappy things we’ve ever recorded”

Can’t find the interview,  but Robert did say that there would be more keyboards on ‘4:14’ than there were on ‘4:13’.

Overall, the tone of the album should be “dark”, as it was always referred to as the darker side of the 2 albums. However, as Robert said, he had to switch a few songs up, to give ‘4:13’ a bit more balance, so it’s not out of the question that there could be some lighter moments on this one. Just hope and pray there’s not another ‘The Only One’ on this! 🙂

via Chain Of Flowers: What we might expect from ‘4:14 Scream’.

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