Mick Mercer’s new radio show

mick mercerMick Mercer is, among other things, a goth legend, notably for chronicling of the goth and alternative scenes from the beginning through to present day (see the excellent “Gothic Rock” book below… and see all of Mick’s books here on Lulu).

Anyway, Mick recently launched a radio show described as “Gothic, Post-Punk and Punk, every Sunday night. An International perspective, with new bands galore alongside classics and curios.”

Facebook: Mick Mercer Radio.

Entire shows are available on Mixcloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/mickmercerradio/, and here is a tracklisting form a recent show to give you a flavor of what to expect.

  1. Bela (Rock Garden, 1980) by Bauhaus
  2. Three Bells In A Ro by Tenpole Tudor
  3. Pretty Girls Make Graves by Tabloid
  4. NEVER COME BACK by Kas Product
  5. The Man In The White Coat by Voyvoda
  6. Illusions by Contre Jour
  7. Serial Painter by Bohemien
  8. Cats or Devils Eyes by Children on Stun
  9. Big Hollow Man by Danielle dax
  10. Night Creatures by Screaming Dead
  11. Morbid Silence by Sunglasses After Dark
  12. Breathing Ice by The Hiram Key
  13. Pigface by Vidi Aquam
  14. Permutations by Christine Plays Viola
  15. Thunderstorm by The Spiritual Bat
  16. The dark by Sounds Like Winter
  17. As We Remain by FAMILIA AUSTRALIA
  18. Theme by Fireball Xl5
  19. Theme by Stingray
  20. Your Obedient Servants by History Of Guns
  21. Everything’s Getting Closer To The End by JAMES STEVENSON
  22. Just To Face The Pain by Johnathan|Christian
  23. BloodSuckers by Johnny Hollow
  24. London’s drowning by The March Violets
  25. Rumors by Peeling Grey
  26. Ink Runs Dry by PHANTOM WHITE LIMB
  27. Black Sunshine by ROADSIDE MEMORIAL
  28. HEARTLAND (LIVE) by The Sound
  29. “Kerosene” by Big Black
  30. Bela Lugosi’s Dead (live 1980) by Bauhaus

Mick’s bio (from Wikipedia)

Mick Mercer (born 1958) is a journalist and author best known for his photos and reviews of the goth, punk, and indie music scenes.  Mercer ran one of the first punk fanzines, Panache from 1976 to 1992.

In 1978 he began writing for British music magazine ZigZag, later becoming Editor until the magazine folded in 1986. During the 80s he wrote regularly for the British music weekly Melody Maker and in the 90’s found himself editing magazines including the Siren which has itself since folded. Since then he has had numerous books about Goth and related subjects published.

“Gothic Rock” review


“Cheer up mate, it might never happen!”

That was what was so top about goth. Everyone knew it already had! What that geezer out of Doll By Doll (non-goth) had said about the spiritual equivalent of the atomic bomb having been dropped without us noticing was spot on, and loads of us decided that we’d commit gothicide and unlive through the aftermath dressed up like we were the f**kin’ Adamms Family, thank you very much!

Being a fan of Peter ‘Edgar Allan’ Hammill, Mr. Birthday Party and Laughing Leonard Cohen, I was pretty much prepared for every exercise in morbidity that the world could throw my way – or so I thought! How heartening it was to hear Nosferatu exhort us to embrace our depression because it was the best thing we had going for us! Or Lestat on Endparty! Made Joy Division sound like Scootch. Ah, those joyous nights of murmuring along with Andrew Eldricht (” … and she looked great in ribbons … love is a many splintered thing/ don’t be afraid now – just walk on in …) and, later, arguing the toss over whether or not Daisy Chainsaw qualified as ‘Goth’ for no other reason than I wanted ’em to be because just about everything else I heard circa 91 was soulless (with usual noble exceptions of the Fall & Co)!Then there was the sneering reaction of hip music press who’d been extolling the virtues of New Romantic. Ho Ho, mr and mrs rock critic: backed a wrong one there, I’ll venture!


I mixed with a fair few goth-lit people at the time who so despised “Goth Rock” I couldn’t help but love it even more than I already did! The Birthday party, my favourite band EVER, hated being spoken of in the same breath as “Goth”, but they unwittingly provided some of the highlights – dress sense, hair-styles, supernatural skinniness, the astonishing punk-blues triumphs of the Junkyard album and the Bad Seed and Mutiny! eps, the Bolan to the Mission’s’ Showaddywaddy. The BP nailed the Sisters Of Mercy as a pile of poo too, but they didn’t reckon with miracle ingredient Andrew Eldricht! This revelation will upset at least one person on here, but the true facts (!!!) remain that SOM at their peak were tops!

Anyhow, a top guide to all things Goth is Mr. Mercer’s hugely entertaining Gothic Rock which includes just about everyone and everything good from the obvious – Sisters, Bauhaus, Christian Death, Specimen, Nephilm, Nosferatu, Sex Gang Children, Mission, Skeletal Family, etc. – to several faces you’d not expect on the roll of shame including Martian Dance and the inspirational Adam & The Ants. Mick doesn’t accept that the Birthday Party or the Damned are Goth so there’s far less coverage of Vanian and Cave than you might expect. But there are stacks and stacks of photo’s and the fans steal the show!

By “glampunk”, via http://vaultofevil.proboards.com/thread/935/goth 

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