“Tones On Tail” – band name explained

tones_on_tail_logoEver wondered where Tones On Tails‘ name came from?  Wonder no more!

Short-term, eclectic music and post-punk-like project carried out during quiet moments of the group Bauhaus. Bauhaus band member Daniel Ash and roadie Glenn Campling occasionally had some time on their hands and then dived into their brainchild Tones on Tail, with English Northampton as starting point.

When making professional tape recordings on so-called reel-to-reel recorders, the technician usually also records a series of reference tones, so that when the tape is played the sound level and the frequency range faithfully match the values at the time of the recording. Often it concerns sine waves of a certain height (frequency), like 1 kHz and 400 Hz, in many cases supplemented with 10 kHz and 100 Hz frequencies for the high and low frequency response.

Reference tones at the beginning of the tape are called Tones on head, if they end up at the end of the tape we call them Tones on tail.

Both terms are nearly archaic by now, thanks to digital technology going fast forward.

via Tones On Tail – Bauhaus unwinding – Band Name Explained.

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