Complete video of the final Rose of Avalanche gig

This popRose_Square_Logo_Whiteped up on Facebook recently – the full show recording of the Rose of Avalanche’s last ever gig, with pretty good sound.  Unfortunately ROA’s power had waned by this time, and the set is full of newer material at the expense of older (and in my opinion far better) material.

A lovely fellow called Derek Edward Price has uploaded the full video recording of the last ever Rose gig from the Dutchess of York on 29th May 1993. You will see from the set list that there are a number of new tracks in the set titles unknown giving us a tantalising glimpse into what the 4th official studio album may have sounded like.I have to say the new songs sounded pretty promising, but sadly it was never to be.

There’s some dispute over whether they played this gig as The Rose Of Avalanche or some other name. I can state absolutely 100% this was definitely a Rose Of Avalanche gig.
It was advertised as such on Duchess flyers, as well as the notice pinned on the door that night.
Also before Always There, Phil says “This is it, the last song of the last gig of The Rose Of Avalanche”. Before Too Many Castles there’s a shout of “What’s the new name?” to which Glenn jokes “We’ll have a Blue Peter competition”(to decide the name). Blue Peter(for anyone overseas who might not know) being a kids tv show that has lots of competitions.

Before the first song starts, Phil sings a little bit of Zippedy Doo Dah. We’re then treated to quite a few new songs. Phil says the titles of some of them, but there’s 4 I don’t know and had to guess, they’re the one with (?) after the name.

Setlist – Rose of Avalanche’s last ever gig, Dutchess of York, 29th May 1993

  1. Intro
  2. Something More Than Sex ?
  3. All Is Liberty ?
  4. I Don’t Wanna Sing This Song Again
  5. I’m In Heaven
  6. String A’ Beads
  7. Lights On
  8. If You Only Knew
  9. Follow Me ?
  10. Why?
  11. I Just Don’t Mind
  12. Love Keeps Me Hanging On
  13. Rules ?
  14. Somebody To Love (Jefferson Airplane cover)
  15. Ride The Storm
  16. Always There
    — encore —
  17. Too Many Castles In The Sky
  18. Step It Up Stereo MC’s cover

via Video recording of the last ever Rose of Avalanche gig.

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