The Cure at #2 in “the 10 best covers of Jimi Hendrix songs” – really!

super-cureI hadn’t heard this before – the Cure’s synth-heavy cover version of Jimi’s classic Purple Haze.  Interesting! And it made #2 in a compilation of Hendrix covers in Guitar World magazine which, frankly, is bizarre.

02. The Cure, “Purple Haze”

If you heard this cover of “Purple Haze” with no context, it would be well over a minute into the song before you would have any clue this was a Jimi Hendrix cover.

Of course, anyone who thought Robert Smith & Co. would launch right into a fiery, tritone-laced rendition of arguably Hendrix’s most famous song clearly had never heard Disingegration — which, according to Kyle from South Park, is the best album ever.

This synth-laden cut takes the No. 2 spot for being bold enough to push Hendrix’s catalog into new territory, instead of trying to outdo the man. A nearly impossible feat, unless you’re our choice for No. 1 …

via The 10 Best Covers of Jimi Hendrix Songs – Page 9 | Guitar World.

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